Hi. My husband and I are becoming foster parents, on our way to adopting, and we re wanting to have the child s room full of toys and books when they got here. I thought this would be a could place to ask. Thank you. Have a blessed day.
Moving, need boxes if anyone has any they need to get rid of. Thank you
I really need a new sliding door for my 73 g20, I used late model front door with the extra style line and will be in the process of eliminating the style line because for $50 for the pair why not. The slider can have a fixed window,I have dual pop windows on the door now. Too much repair is needed to the door. I replaced rear doors because of rust and pop out windows were garbage. If anyone ha...
Stray cat had babies in my house. Need a crate and other supplies
Looking for moving boxes. Will pick up from downtown to the east 240 loop. Thanks in advance!
Looking for used office cubicles (2 or 3) -willing to pay a little something for the right kind.
ISO: We just recently had to leave our home and lost everything we owned. We are in high hopes that the house my best friend is moving out of we will be able to keep but we have nothing at all. They are in the process of moving out and have to take all appliances and every thing, so anything that anyone can help with would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Please pray we are able to keep this ...
Am getting out of hospital today. They recommend that I get a hospital bed. I certainly can't afford one, and have no way to get one to me either. So I need an angel that has a hospital bed and a truck and some strong friends. Thank you very much. Due to heart failure need to keep head elevated.
Posting for a single mom of two boys. She is needing either two twin beds or one large bed with mattress and box springs for her boys. As well as a chest of drawers and tv for them. Long shot but worth asking to help her.
over a month agoMemphis, TNItems Wanted
We have acreage that needs to get cut, our landlord is demanding we cut it all but we cannot afford a riding mower and using our push mower for such a big area is exhausting. Do you have a riding mower or zero turn not in use you d be willing to part with? Thank you.
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in need of outside planters for a balcony vegetable garden. any size or material would be appreciated.
I am looking to buy my old car back. It was a fiberglass body, square tube chassis (powder coated red), sn95 (mustang), fiberglass dash was covered in tweed and tubes were also and had flames in them. When i traded it, it was set up for a sbf and powerglide. 4 link, gage panel in dash was polished aluminum with a mustang engraved in it. car was blue when i let it go. last time i heard it was in...
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Just moved into our first house. We have 2 kids and I NEED a baby crib and mattress and 2 adult beds, and a couch. We also need a stove and fridge.
over a month agoMemphis, TNItems Wanted
We are having to do an emergency fostering of a 7 month old baby boy, 2 year old boy and 4 year old girl and we are in need of some beds and a crib. we are also needing car seats for all 3 kids. please let us know if you can help us. thank you
over a month agoMemphis, TNItems Wanted
over a month agoMemphis, TNItems Wanted
PINBALL WANTED: I am looking for a pinball machine to add to our game room. Me & my kids love playing. If you have a machine, please give me a call. I am also interested in parts machines to help fix other games. I can also do some in home repairs. If you have a machine just sitting there, call Daryl at (901) 550-7613.